EUDAIMONIA Group Exhibition

The online magazine JAR De Sens ( is organizing a group exhibition and invites a selected group of artists to take part.

1-14 of March 2014
Opening: Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bord de l'eau design factory, 45 Egnatia str., Thessaloniki, Greece

Eudaimonia: "eu" (well) + "daimon" (spirit)
"Eudaimonia" is the Greek word, which was used by Aristotle, in order to describe a state of welfare, the absolute happiness.
"Eudaimonia" is a pleasant spiritual state, which derives straight from the soul. According to Aristotle, it is the final reference point in the chain of all the commodities that people produce during their life.

Each artist is asked to create an artwork, which best represent the meaning of "Eudaimonia" for them.

Fanis Rami / Photography
Akis Karanos / Visual Art
Voula Frasiola / Visual Art
Alexis Vasilikos / Photography
Petros Tezapsidis / Visual Art
Bord de l'eau Design Factory / Design
Kostis Fokas / Photography
Nana Seferli / Visual Art
Emir Sehanovic / Visual Art
George Bogiatzidis / Visual Art
We Are Still Bold & Beautiful / Design, Visual Art
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